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Department of Environment Sarawak

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Department of Environment Sarawak, Wisma STA, Tingkat 7-9, 26, Jalan Datuk Abg Abdul Rahim, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak.

It can be reach via phone (+6082-48 2535) or fax (+6082-48 0863).
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02/11/2010 04:58PM
To whom it may concern,

Just for your information, every Saturday and Sunday, i can see people doing open burning at the house garden, outside the house compound, or wherever it can flame up within the area. Is there any officers whom are patroling to avoid open burning?

The whole world is complaining that the earth is on "fire" due to the increase of CO2. Natural disaster keeps on warning us that we shall do something to protect the earth and avoid disaster. Ironically, minority of people are concerning about it.

Hopefully your department can do something to overcome the problem. It's really harmful to people especially children and pregnant women whom inhale the smoke when there's a open burning. In addition, immediate action is very crucial when person in-charge receives a call after the complain lodged.

Besides, familiar with the areas also very crucial to officer who take action against the open burning. I've made a few calls during the open burning even mentioning the house number and LORONG, some of the officers couldn't found it even took up more than a day to look for the place.

Last but not least, i think it's quite crucial that system centralization instead of Area Segregation. Some areas might be in North or South, but where comes to environmental, would it good if we treat it as a whole?

Hopefully these comments can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your duty.

Many thanks!

nurul huda alwakil
11/02/2011 10:55PM
As salam..
saya ingin membuat aduan mengenai asap hitam yang dibebaskan oleh kenderaan-kenderaan di sarawak terutama bahagian kuching..hal ini sangat merunsingkan kerana rata-rata mereka tidak menukar minyak hitam sehingga menyebabkan gejala asap hitam ini berleluasa..seperti yang pihak tuan sedia maklum,asap hitam ini mengandungi banyak karbon monoksida yang boleh menipiskan lapisan ozon dan menimbulkan banyak kesan buruk kepada bumi kita..oleh itu,saya amat berharap agar pihak tuan boleh membuat tindakan seperti menyaman kenderaan-kenderaan berkenaan,kempen kesedaraan dan menguatkuasakan undang-undang demi menjaga kepentingan sejagat...sekian,terima kasih..

14/03/2011 03:37PM
To those who may concern,
I just want to tell you that my neighbour who lives behind me love to open burning. She opening burning like everyday. I really can't stand it. Our earth is too poluted alreaddy. I really hope that you can tell them. my place is at Jalan Stampin Lorong 7, Kuching. Thank you very much.
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