Perak Public Works Department (Jabatan Kerja Raya Negeri Perak)

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Jabatan Kerja Raya Negeri Perak

Perak Public Works Department

Perak Public Works Department is located at:-

Jabatan Kerja Raya Negeri Perak, Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.

It can be reach via phone (+605-253 4041) or fax (+605-241 5328).
You may contact via email at [email protected].
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Ms Vins
20/10/2009 10:42AM
Dear Sir,
I would like to suggest that safety humps be build on the road along Jalan Jelapang (from Pekan Chemor to Kuala Kuang) because of the number of accidents happen (esp those on foot, bicycles, etc).
Along this stretch of 2km road, exist housing estates n school which nearby to the busy main road. Many cars and lorries of different sizes speed at this stretch coming all the way from Meru to Pekan Chemor.
For the sake of road safety and reducing the number accidents along this 2 km stretch from Pekan Chemor to Kuala Kuang, I sincerely hope you will build the road humps soon. Thank you

Ms. Theriza
01/12/2010 05:20PM
Dear sir,

My area, whole street full of hole. It is time to repair the road. Since it is rainy season now, always rain until the street flooded with water.

I and residents hope that JKR can overcome the road problem which full of hole and can accident especially for motorcylist and bicyclist.

Our area is Pengkalan Barat 25C, Taman Pengkalan Perdana, 31650 Ipoh, Perak.Thank you.
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