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Ibu Pejabat, Biro Bantuan Guaman Bangunan Hal Ehwal Undang-Undang, Aras 1, Precint 3, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, 62692 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan.

It can be reach via phone (+603-8885 1000) or fax (+603-8888 3791).
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Jewel Liew
27/10/2010 07:26PM
Hi I am Liew which come from johor bahru. My question is as below:-
1) I have made payment about $3000 to one of the wedding service company near jalan ipoh.
2 ) I bought this package because of my sister wedding. I want to give a very special gift to her.
3) 1 setemper 2010, 1 met one of this company customer. they mentioned this company did not provide whatever with the package and the wedding gown is quite old fashion. It’s does not worth with the package
4) Another week, i met one of my friend also raise up the issued with hak pengguna .
Said the photographer service is very bad and the wedding gown is very old fashion.
5) After listen all of these, do i have the right to ask them refund 50% even i will cancelled the wedding shooting with them 2 weeks earlier before the shooting actual date. ( As i know they will hire 3 freelance videographer and photographer from outsider )

pS : i DID NOT signed up any agreement with them. They just issued one receipt to me only.

I hope you can reply me ASAP. tHANKS

12/11/2010 12:58PM
Salam Satu Malaysia,
Saya telah naik makamah pada bulan 5 dan di bicara untuk kes cerai dan memerima keputusan muktamat, tetepi sehinga sekalang menunggu surat dari pihak BIRO BANTUAN GUAMAN. Tetapi sehinga sekarang tidak mendapat sebarang maklum balas dan pada 10/11/2010 jam 1430 telah pergi ke pejabat di Piro Bantuan Guaman Pupau Pinang, Aras 4, Bgn Persekutuan, Jalan Anson, 10400 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang dan telah diberitahu bahawa orang yang berkenaan itu tidak ada di pejabat jadi saya diberi tahu yang saya akan dihubungi pada keesokan hari dan boleh datang dan mengambil dolument saya tetepi sehinga ke hari ini saya tidek mendapat sebarang pangilan atau maklum balas dari pihak tersebut, dapalah bila saya menalifon pihak tersebut tidak ada sesiapa pun menjawap pangilan saya pada 12/11/2010 jam 1100. Apakah yang saya harus buat?

Kenny tan
05/05/2011 01:41PM
Hi. My name is Kenny Tan. Im sincerely seeking legal advise from BBG on my fraud used of my credit card case happened two years back and Noe the case is still in progress of to finalizing the amount that going to impose to me by FMB. The incident happened after I have done my purchased if one items in one of the computer shop, and my card was not returned to me after my purchased and it was continue used by unknown person in the same shop for few thousand ringgit and two others transaction was fraud used in two different places same day. I was notified by Maybank staff and immediate made my police report same day. However, the bank have done some investigation and waived some portion and insist me to pay for some balance.
Now the question is that, I was being victimized, innocent and being loyal to the bank for many years and holding good pay & healthy record for Long time. Would it be fair and rightful to ask someone innocent, loyal and long customer like me to settle payment for somebody's fault.
Therefore, seeking proper legal advise from you to go about thus case and what shall I do IF I do not agree on the term set by FMB?
Thank you.
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