Razer Malaysia


What is Razer ?

The vision is to become the world’s greatest gaming brand. The brand has now evolved and produced multiple products such as Gaming Systems, Gaming Peripherals, and various Accessories.


How did Razer.My happen?

We’ve been selling Razer peripherals for some time back in 2009

Razer.My is a project by Fly Computer Sales and Services to satisfy the thirst of gaming. It has been created with various experiences in selling and providing the best quality gaming peripheral available.


We’re taking orders now for Razer products and will continue to provide our best support to provide hassle free online purchasing right to your DOORSTEP.


We’re located in the heart of Petaling Jaya, we systemize the business and performs shipping for a peace of mind at competitive pricing.

Our Services
  • Razer Keyboard and Mouse
Payments Accepted
Online Banking, Paypal

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