Airlines Booking Centre Sdn Bhd

Airlines Booking Centre Sdn Bhd

Airlines Booking Centre

Airlines Booking Centre Sdn Bhd, or simply called ABC, first opened her doors on 3rd March 1980 with the simple objective of offering travel services to travelers in this country.

It all begin with a dynamic lady’s dream to manage one of Malaysia’s most successful destination management company Jennifer Ng figured that it wasn’t just only size, experience, technology or price that was going to make her vision into a reality, but most importantly, a destination management company based an excellent reputation as one who delivers, integrity and a consistent standard service. So Jennifer when about building ABC on all these strong principles of foundation, whilst injecting her personality and philosophy into the management and operations of the company.

And so it grew….

Today, ABC is an established and even more dynamic company which grows everyday in her maturity. ABC is now recognized by her peers as one of the leading destination management company in this country.

ABC retains her appeal, having survived by adapting to the times and expanding with the tourism industry. From a primary focused company, it has now grown to a multi-faceted destination management company, with its latest foray into corporate incentive travel. Corporate Incentive Service or CIS, is poised to be the latest demand where corporations offer their executive the opportunities to travel on work or reward leisure. ABC is now committed to developing and meeting this fast growing market of the travel and your industry by developing, sourcing and negotiating for value packages for her customers.

ABC is simply customer focused, aiming to meet the specific needs of the customer and going into the next century with its first vision of service to her customer, and ABC will continue to grow.

At ABC, we have a mission to accomplish, our topmost priority: constant customer satisfactions. It is an ongoing commitment from us to provide quality service through constant reviews and monitoring, the designing of interesting and exciting marketing programs and personalized communication between you and us.

Towards the year, ABC archived the excellence recognition from the major airlines: MAS Airlines, China Airlines, EVA Air, Cathay Pacific and etc.. Below are the awards received from ABC since year 1982 until today.


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