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Many respected industry leaders considers VEQTA as their multilingual voice across the Globe.VEQTA combines cutting edge technology with best translation practices to suit any international customers.We employ a diverse bilingual staff and have decades of hands-on experience to tackle the most complicated translation or localization project you may present us with.

Translation of all subject mattersTechnical Translation, software, accounting, automotiveMarketing CollateralsHuman Resource MatrialsMarket Testing MaterialTranscreationMultilingual website optimizationWebsite internationalizationIndustry Subject Matter Experts

We have extensive experience in certified legal and technical translation services in Malaysia:

Call us to discover how we can assist: +60 3 2117 5242

Our Services
  • Asian language translation
  • English to Thai Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Malay Translation Services
  • Professional Translation
  • Technical Translation

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