Immigration Department (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia) - Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia Negeri Pahang

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Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia Negeri Pahang)

Immigration Department

The Immigration Department of Malaysia is under the Ministry of Home Affairs, which provides services to Malaysian Citizens, Permanent Residents and Foreign Visitors.

The functions of the department are as follows:-

1. Issuing of passports and travel documents to Malaysian Citizens and Permanent Residents.

2. Issuing of visas, passes and permits to Foreign Nationals entering Malaysia.

3. Administering and managing the movement of people at authorised entry and exit points.

4. Enforcing the Immigration Act 1959/63, Immigration Regulations 1963 and Passport Act 1966.

Immigration Department is located at:-

Kompleks KDN, Bandar Indera Mahkota, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang.

It can be reach via phone (+609-573 2200) or fax (+609-573 6407).
You may contact via email at [email protected].
For more information please visit

Operating Hours
Monday - Friday : 7.30 a.m - 5.30 p.m
Saturday - Sunday : 8.00 a.m - 1.00 p.m

For Kedah, Kelantan & Terengganu:
Sunday - Thursday : 7.30 a.m - 5.30 p.m

20/09/2010 11:44AM
Just caled your immigration kauntan office asking about passport renewal. Wanted to know what happens to visa attached to old passport when new passport issued. Totally unhelpful and refuse to give details more than required. Where is your mesra pelanggan motto????

29/10/2010 12:17PM

09/02/2011 01:33PM
My Indonesian worker(potong buah kelapa sawit) is already 5 years in Malaysia and he would like to continue work here.
Can I just reniew his visa ? or what should I do now .Please advice.

Thank you.

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