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The particular strengths of UVPLASTIC polycarbonate films include high heat resistance, transparency and high toughness and elasticity over a wide temperature range. The films also offer good rigidity and excellent electrical insulation properties as well as abrasion and weather resistance.

UVPLASTIC polycarbonate films are real all-rounders. The different types of UVPLASTIC polycarbonate films each have specific strengths. They can be formed cold and warm and can be printed with standard colors - for example using the screen or digital printing process. The transparent, translucent, opaque or colored foils are known for their excellent graphic quality. They are available in different finishes and thicknesses. A coating can achieve other important properties and, depending on your specific needs, this can be B. good optical, UV-protected and abrasion-resistant types. Special films for ID documents enable the integration of security features. Tailor-made special types are offered for the application areas of light management and automotive interiors, including light-diffusing, light-directing and light-reflecting films.

Major advantages

  • Versatile: Tailor-made solutions are available for special applications.
  • High heat resistance: toughness and elasticity over a wide temperature range.
  • Transparency: Enables high-quality prints and maximum design freedom.
  • Good optical and thermal properties: Excellent for all types of lighting products.
  • Durable: Abrasion, weather and chemical resistant.
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