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Scraps Industries,Inc

Searching for plastic ldpe scrap? And then you are welcome to our company. We’re scrap industries and we are exporter and supplier of various types of plastic scrap. We have been in the business for decades and we have been supplying best our quality to our customer. We have variety type of LDPE scrap and that’s includes LDPE rolls, ldpe bales and also we have it in different color. We have LDPE film scrap natural color and also blue, black and yellow. Besides the plastic scrap ldpe films, we also carry out other types of plastic and that includes hdpe drum scrap, hdpe milk bottles scrap, EPS block, pmma acrylic scrap and etc. Nevertheless, with massive experience in the industry and satisfying our customer need, we have gained the reputed trust when talking about plastic hdpe drum, hdpe milk bottle scrap, ldpe rolls and etc. Furthermore, our aim in the best your trusted plastic scrap partner/supplier and we are able to achieve the goal since you can’t talk about scrap ldpe, hdpe drum/milk bottles scrap with us. We have played a very major roll in the industry, by helping hdpe drum scrap, hdpe milk bottles, pmma scrap sheet find the way back to reproduction and that seems to be a relief. ( scrapsindustriesinc.com)

 Haven’t said all that, don’t forget I mentioned that we deal on various types of material and polyurethane foam comes to be among these. We have sister’s company who’s manufacturing foam and there comes our source of pu foam scrap. These waste of pu foam, both in pure white, mixed, or any of types of scrap foam; then we can be your regular supplier. For more consequential information, regarding the polyurethane foam scrap, then kindly check our website and contact us along with your requirements, if you may be interested. We lead in the industry with competitive price along with fast delivering.  website:www.scrapsindustriesinc.com

Our Services
  • ABS computer scrap
  • EPS block scrap
  • HDPE blue drum regrinds
  • HDPE drum blue scrap
  • HDPE milk bottle scrap
  • LDPE Film scrap
  • LDPE roll scrap
  • PMMA scrap, sheet, acrylic/offcuts
  • PP jumbo bags scrap
  • PU foam scrap
  • scrap occ 11 and 12
LDPE film bales scrap,ldpe rolls
Payments Accepted
Bank Transfer, Cash, Cheque, Paypal, Visa

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