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Scraps Industries Inc- PET bottle in bale seller

Plastic PET bottle scrap could be procure in our premises and the little more, I would like to clarify how we source, quality and where we export. We collect PET bottle scrap from our local vendors whom provide us the scrap PET bottle direct and we export to our variety customers. Nevertheless, we are Scraps Industries Inc. establish in 1993 and export globally when it comes too geographically. These PET bottle comes in different grades and we have ongoing of 95/5, 90/10, 80/20 and etc. the plastic PET bottle scrap under goes several quality check to make sure it merit our customer’s need. As we had understand our customer and understands their thrilled towards quality and then we endeavor to provide best of quality demands. We have PET bottle which are washed, but these are with caps, labels and ring. But it clear washed with hot water and some are washed with cool water.  We have thousands of local vendors that provide scrap PET bottle with excellent quality demand.

Furthermore, our intention is to expand our business with new buyers of whom we could be a potential supplier; since we have PET bottle scrap available/ongoing.  Our Esteem Company serves recyclers as well as traders. So, are you trader or recycler and you are looking for PET bottle scrap? And then you are welcome to our premises. At our company, we have qualified staff that take cares of your requirements and assist in choose the best quality available to be supplied. So why not partner with us? Kindly check our below website for other product we deal on as well and contact us using your contact us form or email listed on the website. So, we may have a chance to cooperate with your esteem company.

Our Services
  • Aluminum extrusion scrap 6063
  • Aluminum UBC Can scrap
  • Aluminum wheel scrap
  • Electric motor scrap
  • HDPE bottle scrap
  • HDPE drum scrap
  • LDPE film on and roll scrap are available
  • PET bottle scrap
  • Polyurethane (PU) Foam scrap
Payments Accepted
Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Online Banking, Paypal, Visa

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