Scraps Industries SA de CV

Scraps Industries SA de CV

PET bottle scrap is something that would be used in reproduction of variety type of items, and this product can be found at our premises ongoing. The processes of it recycling, start from going to variety of angle of the country, such as restaurants, supermarkets, airports and etc.; picking these from its waste storage. Thousands of local vendors, have dedicated themselves to be a potential source provider of these PET bottle scrap and its sources includes post-consumer, as well as post-industrial. Recycling is one thing that has kept our environment clean, and thanks to scientist for that. Just imagine, if there were no recycling? What would you feature? I feature a geograph of no space; and that is the reason of our establishment. Recycling is an important environmental, as well as economically aspect of it; so, at our company, we help PET bottle scrap to find its ways to recycling, where in which, it will be consequentially used for reproduction.

Did you know, PET bottle scrap can be used in reproduction of its PET bottles? Once these scrap PET bottle has arrived at our stock, it undergoes several examinations, making sure the quality, is of demandable. Firstly, it will take first action of sorting the PET bottle scrap and separating them from other plastics, so it will have no problem while, reproduction.  When it comes to quality, we are incomparable; so, guess what? These of our scrap PET bottles are hand sorted, making it quality the best. We have transparent PET bottle, washed with hot water and with of no mixture of any other material.  Furthermore, our availability on PET bottle includes, 90% clear bottles and 10% colored. Also, 80% clear and 20% colored, also, 70% PET bottles in bales and 30% colored; but all are 100% PET bottle scrap with no mixture of any other plastic, metals or paper. 

We have dedicated ourselves to be a potential supplier, you may lay your trust on. Moreover, we have contributed numerously to the industry and thrilled that we have helped thousands of companies across the globe to achieve their dream by providing best of quality demands as quality and honest has brought us here, since 1993.We understand our customers and understands how quality, is of importance to them, so we endeavor to provide best of quality. Besides, the plastic PET bottle scrap, we have HDPE milk jug bales and it of post-consumer and post-industrial, sourced from trusted vendors.  We are born with vision and our mission is to be your potential supplier when it comes to any type of plastic scrap, waste paper, ferrous and nonferrous metals. Our ambition, is very simple and it’s to keep our environment clean for our unborn generation. The HDPE milk bottle scrap available at our company, comprise of natural milk bottles with no mixture of any other color. Also, we have HDPE milk bottle mixed colored but it all 100% HDPE bottle scrap.

We export HDPE milk bottle scrap to our vital customers across the globe and we kept our customers demands merited.  We have HDPE milk bottle regrinds, HDPE mix bottle regrind and also, we have HDPE drum scrap. Are you looking for PET bottle scrap, HDPE milk bottle or HDPE drum scrap? My question to you, would be; why not partner with us? And then you are welcome to our company. At our company, we have well experienced staffs, who’s pay attention to you and make sure, all your requirements are been fulfilled.  To get in contact us, then kindly check our official website and contact us along with your requirements, so we may have chance to cooperate with your esteem company. Please visit:


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