Lembaga Bekalan Air Sibu Sarawak

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Lembaga Bekalan Air Sibu Sarawak

Sibu Water Board

Sibu Water Board is located at Pengurus Besar Lembaga Air Sibu, KM 5, Jalan Salim, Peti Surat 405, 96007 Sibu, Sarawak. It can be reach via phone (+6084-21 1001) or fax (+6084-21 1543). You may contact via email at swbs@swb.gov.my. For more information please visit http://www.swb.gov.my.


Alice Su
01/11/2010 11:51AM
Dear Sir/Madam,
Good Morning. I was found that i was unable to view the content of www.swb.gov.my homepage for this few days. I would like to know when the website is available for public view. Thanks!
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