SearchNEasy is a Malaysia Web Development and Website Design Company, based in Penang. We specialize in Website CMS, Ecommerce Solution, EBusiness Solution, Web Development, Web-based Applications and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our Complete eBusiness Solution provide Simple, Secure, Fast and Affordable ways to merchants who want to do business online and cost effectively enter the digital economy.

We provide online store packages complete with shopping cart support that is enabled to accept worldwide payments. Merchants' Administrator Page gives you easy control over your online stock info, images, orders and prices, all in real-time.

Our user-friendly Solutions Wizard will assist you in identifying the right service for your e-business requirements.

In addition to technology and product leadership, SearchNEasy is also recognised as an innovator in the realm of Internet business. We created point-of-purchase programs and incentives that encourage our website visitors to act resulting in high visitor-to-sale conversion rates.

We led the industry in recognising potential, then creating demand for low cost do-it-yourself web design solutions.

We followed that by offering successful web template customisation services, again stimulating demand by leading the industry.

SearchNEasy Web Design Solutions bring colossal benefits to partners and customers. Our economical, high-quality solutions encourage customers to return. Our partners are proud of our products and services that ensure customer satisfaction time and time again, which offer high earning potential. All SearchNEasy projects are accomplished within highly advanced software environments and technology bases, resulting in high quality technical support for our customers. We are also able to offer customers and Affiliates total financial information security

Our Services
  • easy cart system
  • ebusiness solution
  • ecommerce system
  • ehotel solution
  • elearning solution
  • etravel solution
  • search engine optimization (seo)
  • web crm
  • web erp
  • web hosting
  • website cms
  • website design malaysia
  • website maintainance

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